Discover ROX-CERA Cerid®

The ROX-CERA Cerid® implants developed by MEISINGER IMPLANTS exceed the fracture and fatigue resistance of similar Grade 4 pure Titanium implants and are characterized by a good osseointegration.

The core of the OKTAGON® ROX-CERA implants is made of Grade 5 Titanium and has a biological high compliant ceramic coating covering the Titanium core protecting against possible sensitivity to Titanium.

The ceramic coating is specially customized to the different biological and mechanical requirements of the endosseous and trans-gingival areas.

ROX-CERA Cerid® implants with reduced diameter are suited for the following indications

Single tooth restoration in the front tooth and premolar region
Bridges on two ROX-CERA implants without interlocking with bigger implant diameters
Denture on two ROX-CERA implants in the lower jaw