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Cut costs without compromise

German implant company established on 2003

The founder and CEO Ulf-Christian Henschen, a former Straumann Director, observed a gap in the market to produce an implant system using the exact same tried and tested technology, but more cost effective way,

Ulf-Christian Henschen then collaborated with a very well respected manufacturer Hager & Meisinger GmbH, producers of high quality medical instruments and who have a global reputation for high precision and outstanding quality.
Our products branded with “Made in Germany” enjoy a first-class reputation with lower costs for dentists.


Precision manufacturing

Hager & Meisinger, for over 130 years a guarantee for high-quality medical devices, who are well established and will be around for many years to come.

Clinical evidence

Numerous scientific publications that meet the highest standards of research, with more than 550,000 implants placed worldwide. Precision and quality “Made in Germany” Lifetime guarantee

Available in > 25 Countries

Speak directly to an International product manager, with a huge reputation for problem solving and advanced technical support. We can provide you with information of your local distributor

Overview of savings

Inspired by the world’s leading implant designs which are proven to be clinically effective, OKTAGON products are virtually identical in design and quality to the most popular and more expensive dental implant brands.

“It has made a massive difference to my profitability just by switching to OKTAGON Dental Implant System.”

Savings of euro’s per case

The above price comparison includes: Implant/Implantat Cover screw / Verschlussschraube Healing abutment / Gingivaformer Impression cap / Abdruckpfosten Implant analog / Implantatanalog Abutment, Occlusal screw / Okklusalschraube for each implant placed.


Satisfied Customers

"“Why use overpriced products when you have a good alternative"" - T. Hammersmith (Implant Dentist )
"“ I have fitted several hundred OKTAGON implants and to this day, no difference has become apparent in terms of quality- Meisinger Implants is not low quality”" - K. Meierle (Implant Dentist )
"“I use OKTAGON implants for my patients… I have an ethical obligation not to sell overpriced products when there is an alternative” " - A. Lohmann (Implant Dentist )

No Frills.

No extras.

Just great products.


We aim to improve as many patients’ healthcare and quality of life as possible by providing⁠ them with high-value yet reasonably priced dental, medical products.

Together with the brand manufacturer Hager & Meisinger, we generate cost advantages directly passed on to our customers. ⁠

Lets meet and discuss savings

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Need a digital workflow?

As OKTAGON we have different libraries for your digital workflow. If you have questions you can always contact us!

Lets meet and discuss savings

Familiar Placement & Restorative protocols

No need to learn a new system

OKTAGON there is no confusion same system in fact you can interchange your existing left-over componentry.

No Risk – Lifetime Guarantee

Choice of Implants

Tissue Level and Bone Level implants come in straight and tapered designs with a lifetime guarantee

Choice of surfaces

The OKTAGON implant system offers a choice of two implant surfaces: an S.L.A. surface and ROX-CERA Cerid

Restorative options

Wide range of restorative components offering flexible options with CAD/CAM and Multi-Unit options

“We’ve been placing implants for over 15-years. We started with just a few cases but quickly grew and have generated a few thousand Euros. But despite the investment, the training and our time and energy, we didn’t make money. We now switched OKTAGON and we are now making significant more profit.”

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